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Assembly 10th District

Please join me for live conference calls.

Share your thoughts and get answers to your questions about my plans to help restore our economy and environment through more effective and responsive government.

The conference call dates and times will be posted on Facebook at "Friends of Veronica Jacobi" or we are happy to email you the schedule. I also welcome your emails with comments as well at

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See Veronica Jacobi's positions on important areas of interest below:

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Get to Know Veronica Jacobi, Award Winning Community & Environmental Advocate:

We are excited that Veronica is working very hard to be our next Assemblymember. Please donate to reduce her out of pocket expenses and make her Our Small Footprint*, Big Impact Assemblywoman! Any amount from $3 to ~$4,200 maximum per person is very welcome. (* Small environmental/carbon footprint that is.)

Veronica is commited to being your public servant and delivering results on these important issues and more!

  • Responsive & Open State and Local Government. Veronica LISTENS and cares deeply.
  • Veronica's "California Good Jobs and Climate Plan" will address Climate Change at the speed and scale needed while getting people back to work!
  • Pension Reform & Open Bidding
  • Protecting Our Environment, Water & Agriculture
  • Saving Our Parks and Coast & Increasing Access to Open Spaces

Let's get Veronica working for us in the Assembly!

VOTE for Veronica "Roni" Jacobi by mail or on Tuesday, November 8, 2016!

Veronica "Roni" Jacobi knows we need to protect existing jobs and keep creating and attracting new jobs as quickly as possible until everyone who wants a job can get a job.

"THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for your support during my four years serving on the Santa Rosa City Council! I am very happy to continue living in this wonderful area, and to continue our partnership on working towards a better future. I will be donating over half my Assembly salary to local non-profits. During these times, when many of us are experiencing hardships, I want to give to our local groups to help strengthen the support network and give a "green strings attached" incentive and boost to non-profit efforts to create a better future for all of us." Veronica

Go to and click on the dark blue Donate/Help button at the top of this page and please donate to the Campaign and give us the information we need for the campaign reporting forms, and/or volunteer to help with the campaign. We need you! This is a very tough race against an incumbent supported by BIG MONEY INTERESTS! You can make a difference. If voters hear our message they will respond, but Veronica needs our help NOW.

*SEND YOUR SUGGESTIONS to improve OUR government to *Veronica:

Veronica stood firm during budget decisions to encourage all to contribute their fair share to reducing expenditures so jobs could be saved, and services maintained at safe levels.

She kept a watchful eye on upcoming revenue prediction shortfalls and focused on balancing the budget while keeping important functions working. Veronica insisted on OPEN BIDDING For Trash & Recycling Services & STOOD FIRM FOR THE BEST DEAL FOR THE SANTA ROSA RATEPAYERS. SHE WILL DO THAT FOR US STATE-WIDE TOO!

Keeping as many existing staff employed through difficult times, and especially retaining young talent was and is a very important focus to her.

Veronica also was the first councilmember TO CREATE A PLAN and start discussions ON PENSION REFORM and also brought forward Local Hire policies to keep our community's money circulating in our economy. She spearheaded efforts on Local Purchasing Preference, and continued building support for Clean Local Energy production to generate many new jobs and become a strong and reliable economic engine, while addressing our energy needs in ways that will help meet our greenhouse gas emmission reduction goals.

Veronica strongly supports LOCAL AGRICULTURE and cutting red tape and incentivizing local food production, to make California, and especially Marin and Sonoma Counties FOOD SELF-SUFFICIENT. Luther Burbank was right about this area being an amazing place for growing plants. With many families struggling, Veronica will help link food producers receiving incentives to agencies feeding our hungry.

Additionally, Veronica Jacobi believes that the way our area guides development in the next few years will be critical to our quality of life for generations. To continue a traditional subdivision approach will continue to result in forced reliance on automobiles, excessive water use, and destruction of greenbelts.

Veronica will continue bringing fresh ideas for improving and increasing affordable housing by clustering growth around schools, shopping, and public transportation hubs as well as provide safe and attractive pedestrian and bicycle routes.

Veronica Jacobi is committed to public safety, and will continue working hard to maintain effective law enforcement, fire and emergency services in all parts of California, and especially Marin and Sonoma Counties. including creating more effective gang and violence prevention work with a greater emphasis on working with the community and empowering youth.

Veronica also supports MONEY WISE ROADWAY REPAIRS before it is too late, and improved public transportation, including alternative transportation linkages that work well with the SMART train, and more and safer pedestrian and bicycle routes throughout our area. With gas prices predicted to possibly increase to $7 per gallon in the future, people will want and need more extensive and flexible public transit. Increased evening and weekend buses should serve people with disabilities, people working second shifts, elders, students with late classes at junior colleges and universities, youths, and those seeking social or other activities all around our big and beautiful state and counties.

Veronica Jacobi believes that one of the best ways to solve problems is for neighbors to sit down with neighbors. She works with community groups to address neighborhood problems including traffic, parking, and graffiti. Veronica works for solutions that take everyone's concerns into account. Veronica knows how to listen.

Veronica Jacobi believes that our water and waste water systems throughout our communities need serious attention to support our current residents & future development in an environmentally responsible way that minimizes risks and helps get our waterways back to their former magnificence and abundance of salmon and natural beauty. Her skill and experience as a Professional Engineer (PE) is valuable as our state and local government works to meet the needs of current and future residents.

As a Former Santa Rosa Councilwoman, as an engineer, as a business owner, as a mother, as a former foster parent to six children, as an end of life caregiver for over seven years for her grandfather and father, and as a community volunteer, Veronica "Roni" Jacobi PE has proven she cares deeply AND gets things done to make our communities better.

Let's get Veronica working for us in the Assembly!

VOTE for Veronica "Roni" Jacobi by mail or on election day!


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