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Endorsements and Recommendations:

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For Veronica "Roni" Jacobi for Assembly - 10th District



Green Party of Marin

Endorsements and Testimonials

Pacific Sun

North Bay Bohemian

Coalition For Grassroots Progress

Daniel Ellsberg

"Roni Jacobi has integrity, walks her talk and can't be bought. She would be a big improvement over the incumbent in the state Assembly." - Norman Solomon, Fmr. US Congress candidate, Author

"I've worked with Roni since 1998, know her, trust her, value her intellect, leadership and listening skills, persistence and compassion. She cares deeply about the human condition and our Earth." - Marsha Vas Dupre, Fmr. Santa Rosa Councilwoman

"I have worked with Roni Jacobi on issues in Sonoma County. I respect her honesty and integrity. She will hear her constituents. Not only will she hear them, but will work hard to protect their rights and what is right for California." - Karen Hudson

"Roni inspired us to create the Sonoma County Water Coalition in 2004. She has always taken the lead on the ‘big issues’ before they become the political issues of the day, and she keeps working on these issues behind the scenes. She also pays close attention to the way political decisions affect real people and works tirelessly to help those who feel disenfranchised."  - Stephen Fuller-Rowell

"I support Roni Jacobi for State Assembly. Other candidates talk about the environment and job, but Roni doesn't just talk the talk, she lives the talk. As a Santa Rosa City Councilmember, Roni gave the most consistent support for environmental programs to: improve public transportation options, including safe bicycling routes, to support water and energy conservation, enhance recycling, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. ALL of these programs were and are job creators." - Jane Nielson

"Roni is strongly committed to green growth and clean energy and creating living wage green jobs while providing training and public subsidies for workers displaced by the phase out of fossil fuels." - Martin J. Bennett, Instructor Emeritus of History Santa Rosa Jr. College*

"Roni Jacobi is the best candidate to address our most urgent issue: climate change. As a mechanical engineer with years of experience working on energy and environmental issues, she will bring rare technical expertise to the Assembly. Her potential to lead the Assembly on climate-related issues is shown by her many accomplishments and her long record of civic participation and activism." - Esther Riley

"Jacobi is more of our type of progressive, with a relentless focus on climate change impacts. Her supporters often highlight that Jacobi is the only candidate in the state of California who signed on with a pledge that would ramp the climate crisis to a World War II level of national action. The former Santa Rosa city councilwoman helped that town create its landmark Climate Action Plan, and she was raised by her grandparents, who were Republican Austrian immigrants. That’s kind of temptingly exotic for these parts, and seals the deal. Jacobi for Assembly!" ( - Pacific Sun

"For her sustained commitment to working on solutions for environmental issues and building community, I support Roni Jacobi. 50+yrs working to save and protect California native plants, wetlands, and coastal access. The only candidate I can support in this election with no qualms or regrets." - Linda Curry

"Roni is concerned and knowledgable about (and very active around) environmental issues. She's also strong on issues of social justice and peace. And she isn't beholden to powerful and monied interests. And she's intelligent." - Susan Lamont

"Roni has shown time and again that she cares about acting on public concerns with policies that build a sustainable economy that's reliable." - Maria Lewytzkyj

"Marc Levine is too conservative, supports special interests, and is horrible on environmental issues. Roni Jacobi is a strong environmentalist and is not answerable to special interests like Marc Levine." - Omar Eljumaily

(It's)"a pleasure not to have to pick the least of two bad candidates and to be able to support a great candidate." - Yvette Williams Van Aggelen

"Smart. Driven. Educated. Working for others. Getting things done. Future driven. Earth Driven. Children driven. Environment driven." - Jerry Ludwig

"Roni is focused on solutions and tackles tough issues. She makes decisions based on what is best for ALL of us and not special interests." - Becky Como

"I support Roni because I believe she will do the job in the best possible way. She cares deeply about the community that she serves." - Stefanie Auld

I support Roni Jacobi because I believe that she will be the best for our district." - Jan Bauman

"I support Roni Jacobi because I know that she is committed to sustainability in Sonoma County and beyond." - Lindsay Dyson

"The rate of global warming requires an urgent response if we are to try and prevent climate catastrophe. Roni understands this." - Jane Vosburg

"Roni is very knowledgeable, believes in direct action, and believes one can make a difference politically, all for the greater good." - David Gougler

Marsha Vas Dupre, Santa Rosa Vice-Mayor and Councilwoman, retired

Peter Lacques, Fairfax Councilmember

Ernie Carpenter, Supervisor - 5th district, retired

David Keller, former Petaluma Councilmember

Matt Maguire, former Petaluma Councilmember

Anne Korsinowski

Claudia M. Giuliani

Robin Standish

Charlotte Osborn

Deborah Preston

Charlotte Bertram

John McCoy

Janus Holt Matthes

Jennie Schultz

Frances Stewart

Kathleen Needels

Bo Svensson

Jennifer Diaz

Bru Gray

Netty Kahan

Bob Reynolds

Marsha Holmquist

Anna Rogers

Angelo Douvos

Colleen Rose

Rachelle Marshall

David Glick

Michele Provost

Doug White, White Industries

Daniel Ellsberg, Activist

David Burke

Paul Burke

Jason E. Davies, former Chair, Technology Advisory Committee, City of Petaluma, and local business owner

Stephen Fuller=Rowell, Community Leader

Susan Dent

Roy Smith

Esther Riley

Kristin Shwin

Mary Diane Mills

Anne Hunter

Tom Asher

Frank Burkhart

Jane Jewell

Lindsay Vurek

Duane Van Duman

Barbara McVeigh

Dotty LeMieux

Denise Beck

Zoe Goorman

Leslee Coady

Cynthia Jackson

Barbara Alexander

Anita Fieldman

Donald Cowan

Marita Mayer

Stephen Keese

Eve J Navarro

Richard Canini

Marilyn Milligan

Jane E. Nielson

Lindsay Dyson

Stefanie Auld

David Gougler

Becky Como

Jerry Ludwig

Omar Eljumaily

Stephen Bingham

Karen Hudson

Susan Lamont

Jan Bauman

Jane Vosburg

Maria Lewytzkyj

Eli Nylund

Anna Givens

Dan Monte

Nan Sea Love

Rosanne Struinski

Lennie Moore

Erin Duggan

Barry Landfield

Mary Ann Landfield

Ned McFaddin

William Richardson

Michelle Wilcox

Partial list. Please see "Friends of Veronica Jacobi" on facebook for additional endorsements. Thank you!


* Note: Titles for identification purposes only.

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