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Endorsements and Recommendations:

Thank you for your interest and please email us with your endorsement, recommendations, suggestions, questions and/or testimonial to

Roni earned the Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate distinction in 2018 and will be applying again.

Endorsed by:

Evolve California
Richard Heinberg, Author; Senior Fellow of Post Carbon Institute
Marsha Vas Dupre, Santa Rosa Vice-Mayor, Retired
Matt Maguire, Petaluma City Councilmember, Retired
Dan Monte, Candidate for Assembly District 10, 2018

Many additional endorsements are below the testimonials.

Testimonials For Veronica "Roni" Jacobi

"I’ve worked with Roni since 1998, know her, trust her, value her intellect, leadership and listening skills, persistence and compassion. She cares deeply about the human condition and our earth.”
- Marsha Vas Dupre, Fmr. Santa Rosa Vice-Mayor

"Roni is a true climate warrior. As a Mechanical Engineer and parent she has learned the science and has continuously advocated for cutting-edge climate solutions on the Santa Rosa City Council, resulting in an award-winning climate plan. She also fought for many years for wildfire preparedness, to avoid the kinds of suffering we have seen in recent years. She truly walks her talk, is a gifted systems thinker, and has developed win-win plans for climate resiliency, carbon drawdown, and wildfire recovery."
- Richard Heinberg, Senior Fellow, Post Carbon Institute

"I have always known Roni to vote and act in the best interests of the environment, the community and fiscal responsibility. She was a positive influence on the Santa Rosa City Council, and has earned the support of community leaders and organizations in Sonoma County because she has always acted on her sound moral principles. She cares about the diversity of our communities, fighting discrimination and working hard to provide affordable housing and meaningful jobs. She has fought to protect our natural environment and open spaces. And she knows that government and elected representatives must listen to and respond to the public. Roni Jacobi will make an excellent State Assemblywoman."
- Matt Maguire, Former Petaluma City Councilmember

"Roni Jacobi is the best candidate to address our most urgent issue: climate change. She would be a big improvement over the incumbent in the state Assembly. As a mechanical engineer with years of experience working on energy and environmental issues, she will bring rare technical expertise to the Assembly. Her potential to lead on climate-related issues is shown by her many accomplishments and her long record of civic participation and activism.

Also, I trust Roni Jacobi to honor her oath to defend the Constitution and use our taxes wisely, unlike Marc Levine. In 2016 he voted for AB 2844, a bill that created a new felony to protect a certain foreign country from politically motivated economic pressure, thus chilling free speech. This bill had no value whatsoever to Californians and added no new protections to those already in place. The ACLU said the bill was unconstitutional because it violated our First Amendment rights. He was also made aware by the Finance Department of its potential projected cost to the California government of over a million dollars a year. He appears to have put campaign contributions and special interests above principle."
- Esther Riley, Retired

"I have known Roni Jacobi for over a decade, and have personally experienced her deep compassion. Time and time again, she has come to my aid when I needed her most, while others fell by the wayside. She is one of the few people that I know, who truly walks her talk. She personally practices what she preaches, and is the embodiment of Ghandi’s Philosophy: ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world.’

Roni Jacobi is that change.

As a State Assembly member, I know that she will act as an ombudswoman for all those in the tenth district of California, especially for the poor, people of color, and the disenfranchised. Above all else, her greatest passion is to save the planet from environmental destruction.

I urge you to provide the opportunity for Roni to do just that, by electing her to the State Assembly."
- Marscell Rodin, M.A., M.S. Natural food chef in Sonoma County since October 2000: aka the Peddaling Baker

"Roni inspired us to create the Sonoma County Water Coalition in 2004. She has always taken the lead on the ‘big issues’ before they become the political issues of the day, and she keeps working on these issues behind the scenes. She also pays close attention to the way political decisions affect real people and works tirelessly to help those who feel disenfranchised." 
- Stephen Fuller-Rowell, Co-founder Sonoma County Water Coalition*

"I support Roni Jacobi for State Assembly. Other candidates talk about the environment and jobs, but Roni doesn't just talk the talk, she lives the talk. As a Santa Rosa City Councilwoman, Roni gave the most consistent support for environmental programs to improve public transportation options, including safe bicycling routes, to supporting water and energy conservation, enhancing recycling, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. ALL of these programs are job creators. I know that Roni will always be on the right side of the fight to prevent destabilizing climate change."
- Jane Nielson, Sonoma County Water Coalition, Sebastopol Water Information Group (SWiG)

"Roni Jacobi is the most selfless person I know. She will do anything and everything to protect our future and ensure a healthy and happy planet for generations to come. She is not afraid to ruffle feathers to get things done and she can’t be bought. Roni is focused on solutions and tackles tough issues. She makes decisions based on what is best for ALL of us and not special interests."
- Becky Como, Nurse

"I truly believe that Veronica "Roni" Jacobi is one of the best leaders to take us into our uncertain future because she comes up with solutions. Since I have known her for 15+ years, she has always walked her talk and can be trusted to continue in this vein. Most importantly she listens attentively and fully examines issues before weighing in her opinion. She has integrity, the tenacity and the courage of her conviction to make a difference.
I believe we need progressive leaders like her in all corners of our State to stand up against the status quo. Roni has my endorsement to represent us as a California State Assembly Member."

- Margaret (Maggi) Koren RN

"My vote is with Roni because she really cares about our future and the sustainability of our communities. She will make decisions that are beneficial for all of us."
- Jennifer Diaz, Nurse

"I will be voting for Veronica Jacobi because she is aware of the global and local challenges Californians face. Roni has concrete plans for both job creation and housing developments as well as environmental sustainability. Her comprehensive planning for our government and way of life is the reason why she gets my vote!"
- Fereshteh Madjlessi

"Roni is very dedicated to protecting our environment and working for the people. She is honest and hard working and isn't influenced by big business or big money. She does what's best for us and our communities."
- David Nylund, Retired

"Roni Jacobi is a diligent public servant and always follows through on her promises and takes action to move her vision of a healthy planet and community forward. She truly walks the walk and follows it up with community organizing. I support Roni because I believe she will do the job in the best possible way. She cares deeply about the community that she serves."
- Stefanie Auld, Human Resources for Solar Company

"Roni is very knowledgeable, compassionate, and persistent. She believes in listening, direct effective action, and that one can make a difference politically, all for the greater good."
- David Gougler, Graphics and Web Designer

Partial list.


* Note: Titles for identification purposes only.

Endorsements For Veronica "Roni" Jacobi for California Assembly

Evolve California

Magick Altman

Stefanie Auld

Richard Cannini

Becky Como

John Crowley

Jennifer Diaz

Stephen Fuller-Rowell

Pete Gang

David Gougler

Richard Heinberg

Margaret (Maggi) Koren

Fereshteh Madjlessi

Matt Maguire

Jack McGinn

Dan Monte

Jane Nielson

David Nylund

Esther Riley

Marscell Rodin

Marsha Vas Dupre

Louise Yost

Partial list.


* Note: Titles for identification purposes only.


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