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Roni's Letter:

Some of my areas of focus and background:
I want to continue serving our community because I care very deeply about people and the natural environment. I want to do my best to continue to bring about positive changes.

I promote sensible management of resources to enhance our quality of life and financial security.

I am committed to your safety, crime prevention, a healthy and sustainable environment and a strong California and local economy. Supporting business, especially small and local businesses, working towards high employment levels, living wages, and affordable in fill housing near transit, jobs, and shopping.

I am committed to "Village Building" so that even areas far away from population clusters have greater access to everything needed. Through creativity and teamwork we can redesign our communities to preserve what we love, and maintain or enhance our quality of life while reducing our environmental footprint and increasing our economic and environmental resiliency. Every county, city and town is full of strong, knowledgeable and independent folks, and together there is so much we can do to create a future we can be proud of.

I fight for adequate access to services for older people, our youth, people having disabilities or needing recovery services, the homeless, and families in need.

I will continue to promote and protect small and local businesses and create more areas that are pedestrian and bicycle friendly, with attractive water wise landscaping to encouraging strong local and vacationing customer activity throughout California. I want to hold big business and developers responsible for carbon pollution and all pollution and costs that are unfairly imposed on the taxpayers, including environmental clean up costs.

I work to protect groundwater resources, water and air quality, agriculture, our coasts and greenbelts.

I work against the spread of genetically engineered farming of crops and fish in California and our counties.

I am a strong advocate for alternative transportation including rail. I often choose to walk, bicycle, and use mass transit. I and my husband have been car - lite for many years, and we were car - free from Jan. 2011 through Jan 2012. I am know as a "walk the talk", "be the change" leader.

I have a mechanical engineering degree (UCLA'79) and a Professional Engineer (PE) license. My experience at the Environmental Protection Agency and as an energy management consultant was focused on effectiveness and efficiency. I am a small business owner and the founder of a non-profit.

My volunteer service and experiences include: Sonoma County Conservation Council and Sierra Club Executive Boards, National Women's Political Caucus, now Women's Political Caucus - Sonoma County, Madrone Audubon, labor and social rights activism. My husband and I started Sonoma County Special Olympics soccer in 2000 and coached and organized through 2008.

My mother and all of my grandparents are immigrants. I grew up speaking two languages, and I understand some of the difficulties that immigrants face. I grew up living with my grandparents, and I greatly respect the wisdom and experience of senior citizens. I cared for my grandfather who had Alzheimer's and my father, who was affected by being shot with three bullets, for over seven years combined.

I am very grateful to have two daughters who graduated from Santa Rosa High School, one graduated from UC Berkeley and worked in the Bay Area until her husband joined the military. My son-in-law served our country in Afghanistan. Our family is anxious for the safe return of all our troops in a lasting peace. My other daughter served for three years in Africa in the Peace Corps after graduating from Whitman College. I have parented six wonderful foster children. I know how precious every child and grandchild is!

I am a problem solver. I work for the people and communities, not big money special interests. By being creative and minimizing waste, government can improve important programs and enrich our lives. Please join me in creating ongoing positive change.

I would greatly appreciate your vote and consider it a privilege to serve you. Together we are making a difference for our communities. I am grateful the North Bay overall is doing well, but many are struggling with the cost of housing and high cost of living in general. Even during the times of very difficult budget challenges we were able to continue making progress through the dedicated work of public employees, and also through efforts and help of: local businesses, non profit groups, spiritual communities, neighborhood groups and many devoted volunteering individuals!

Efforts are still needed to strengthen and expand support nets for those who are struggling.

Thank you for all of your positive efforts and for your support!
Veronica "Roni" Jacobi

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